So if you’ve been keeping up with me, you know I recently released my first RavenElyseTV merchandise! I wanted to create a comfy t-shirt that represented my brand and my mission as RavenElyseTV. And thus the #Shambles shirts were born! In this post, I’m going to be showing how I would style the black version for an effortless SLAY, even on a bad day!

In case you missed the original announcement in my Affordable Try-On Haul video, let me explain, the meaning behind this shirt is pretty simple. For starters, “shambles” is just one of my favorite words! Once it was introduced into my vocabulary as a funnier way to say “imperfect, messed up, janky” I couldn’t stop saying it! Probably because a lot of moments in my life are imperfect, messed up, and janky. But here’s the thing… those moments happen, and they happen to everyone, and they’re going to keep happening. So why not be real about it and embrace it? Part of embracing it is realizing that you can still be happy (and cute) even when your life is in #Shambles! Just throw on a comfy t-shirt if you’re having a bad day, but make sure it has some gold glitter on it! After all, when you look better, you feel better.

Here’s how I’d slay my way through a bad day:

  • Black #Shambles Shirt (worn in size Large here)
  • Thrifted Camo Jacket
  • Distressed Denim Shorts
  • Assorted Gold Necklaces
  • Thigh High Boots

The shirts are made with a gold glitter vinyl for a cute metallic effect that holds up better through the wash. Perfect to pair with gold jewelry and heels, or just to add some bling to your ‘Netflix n Chill” outfit!

These boots are surprisingly easy to walk in, and they fit my thin legs pretty well! Which is rare to find in a thigh high! Where my noodle-leg squad at?!

I love the look of an oversized shirt with a peek of shorts poking out. Just order up a size or 2 to achieve this look! Also great to pair with leggings for a lazy day!

Of course my daughter Ziya has fussy days too, so this onesie will keep her on fleek through the tantrums! (Not available for sale. But too cute not to post!)

The #Shambles shirts are selling out fast! But there are still some sizes available in both the black and the pink styles! Click here to get yours so you can slay your way through any bad day!

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