Hey y’all!  Chef Toni here, hijacking Raven’s blog today. Mother’s Day is next weekend and I know some of you are scratching your heads about what to get your mama. Let me give you some perspective, from a mom’s point of view.  When it comes to Mother’s Day, I’m an expert. After all, I’ve birthed four babies and I’ve lived through 35 Mother’s Days!!! By the way, that’s me, my mom, and my grandmother holding my first-born, baby Ashleigh in the picture above.

Me & Baby Raven

I think I speak for most moms when I say the first thing we want in LIFE is for YOU, our precious offspring, to be healthy, happy, and productive. After that, we’d like a little peace. When you were little, it was peace and quiet–now, it’s just PEACE. We’ve cherished your gifts through the years—handmade cards with drawings of stick figures, flowers and hearts, clay and paper mache’ masterpieces… and later, the carefully selected, sweet, and inexpensive trinkets from the dollar store. HOWEVER, if you’re old enough to read this, you may want to think about upgrading your treats for mom on Mother’s Day.

If your mom is anywhere around my age… fifty-(cough cough), it’s pretty likely she’s got just about everything she needs and most of what she wants. So if you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on a gift for your mother, make it count!

Step one:  THINK.

What does your mom love to do?  Does she like to cook, read, travel, drink coffee or tea, dance?  What kinds of things does she love but would never buy for herself?  Has she expressed wanting to try something new or learn something new?  Maybe your mom has started to get into genealogy—get her an Ancestry DNA kit (that’s what I bought my mom—shhhh… don’t tell)!  You could get her–
  • Something personalized… (engraved jewelry, monogrammed, embroidered items)
  • Something useful… (gift certificate to the nail salon, bath and body items, a new blender, etc.)
  • Something fun… (a spa day, movie tickets, salsa lessons, cooking classes, tickets to a concert or play)
  • Something consumable… (coffee beans and a cool mug, an ongoing supply of wine, or a box of really, really, REALLY good chocolate
The point is, get your mom something that will be special for to her, that shows that you KNOW who she is and what she likes.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Here are my picks for Mother’s Day (or any special occasion). I’ve been lusting after this Lagos Key Pendant Necklace (1) for about a year now. It’s simple, understated, and timeless–but I would NEVER buy it for myself (hint, hint)! And I also really like this La Plage pendant necklace (2). It’s priced a little more reasonably, and it kind of has a global feel–making me feel like the world traveler that I want to be. The last jewelry item are these Kendra Scott silver stud earrings (3). Every mom needs a pair of Kendra–and this style is perfect for dressier occasions. Next, although I usually don’t want my family to pick clothing for me, this silk embroidered tunic (4) is right up my alley. A new handbag is always welcome, but I always choose the “sensible” color–never anything as hot as this Calvin Klein Mercury Satchel (5)  in pink. I’ve been obsessed with Kiehl’s hand creme ever since I was a personal chef and had super dry hands due to frequent washings. This week I dropped by Kiehl’s to stock up and I discovered their Midnight Botanical Cleansing Oil (6) along with their Midnight Recovery Concentrate. It is A-MAZING! Just a little goes a long way. It removes ALL my makeup and doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy afterwards. And the smell…. Trust me!  I mentioned chocolate above–can’t get much better than a Godiva gift pack (7)–enough said!  Another splurge–a new Kitchenaid Mixer (8). I have my mom’s hand-me-down, and it works fine, but it’s off-white.  Who wouldn’t want a new Kitchenaid Mixer it one of the snazzy new color???  Me!!!!  I haven’t worn perfume in years. I just haven’t found something that I love so much that I really want to it smell all day–until NOW. The Atelier (9) fragrances are off the chain (am I dating myself?  Sorry.)  This is PURE perfume–made from essential oils. I love the fresh scents like, Mandarin, Clementine, and Pomelo. Not sure what she likes?  Get the perfume wardrobe–8 different scents–so she can try several. And last but not least… I love wine, but I tend to buy the same brand over and over. A wine of the month club, or a wine subscription (10) would be kind of awesome.

Sometimes the best gifts are not THINGS, but experiences (see “something fun” above) or even a service that she wants or needs. How about a consultation with a personal trainer, a week of meals prepared by a personal chef, a session with professional organizer, hire a photographer to take a family photo, hire a housecleaning service.

Short on money?  No worries!  Give her something that money can’t buy  — your time. Spend the day with your mom doing whatever she wants to do–this would be HEAVEN to me!  Cook her a meal or bake her something yummy, give her a back rub or a foot massage or a facial, wash her car, organize her garage, basement, or attic, organize her old photos into a scrapbook, write her a letter, a poem or even recant one of your favorite childhood memories on paper. What are you good at?  Put your talents to work!

 Whatever you decide to get mom, she’ll love it–because it will come from you!

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