In honor of Father’s Day I wanted to take some time today to share some pictures of some of my favorite memories with my dad. Bonus–you get to see some old goofy pictures of me too!

My dad loves barbecuing, sports cars, and the Dallas Cowboys. He’s the kind of guy who…really isn’t super into tools and building things, but has spent countless hours putting together toys for me and my siblings–and recently, for Ziya! Remember the toy kitchen that took him 6 hours???!!! He’s the one who sat through all the Disney movies that we wanted to go see because that was NOT my mom’s idea of fun!

My dad has rarely missed a volleyball game, basketball game, piano recital, art show, talent show, or any other school program that involved me or any of my siblings, even though I sucked at sports and I’m sure our early piano recitals were…interesting. He’s always there to show support no matter what! Likewise, he’s at every family event–even though my mom’s side of the family is mostly women–and he’s sometimes the ONLY guy in attendance. Between he and my mom, my dad is the “softy”, and he’s the one that we would always go to when mommy said “no.”

One of the things my mom has told me that she loves about my dad (besides his dance moves…[cringe]), is his consistency and stability. If my dad says he’s going to do something–he does it–no excuses. From the smallest of things, like mounting my TV on the wall, to the really important things, like being an extra support system for my daughter. He’s always been someone we can depend on. So I think I can handle some embarrassing dad-dancing every now and then as a trade off!

My dad is kind of quiet–so sometimes I’m not really sure what he’s thinking… But what I do know for sure about my dad is that he puts our family first–every day in every way. Even when he has to sacrifice his time, energy, money, gas, jacket, sleep, or peace and quiet…he does it without a single complaint. His love for his family is proven through his meaningful actions every day.

When you’re little, you just think it’s a given. You imagine everyone’s dad to be like your awesome dad. But now that I have a daughter of my own, I have a whole new appreciation for my dad and who he’s been for our family. I’m lucky to have him as my dad and Ziya is lucky to have him as her “Pa-Pa”!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the great dads out there!

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