I’m actually still loving the lace-up trend although it’s been seen everywhere for the past 2-3 years. I think it’s my inner edgy side coming through and being drawn to the grunge-punk look. I had to jump on this trend in my own way this time, so DIY projects were definitely needed! (Long-time subscribers know that’s my thing!) I uploaded 3 DIY tutorials to my YouTube channel, all showing how to revamp thrift store clothing into edgy on-trend pieces! In this post, I’m showing you how I would style each of those DIY’s into full outfits!

The Hoodie

The first DIY is this oversized black hoodie that I got for $3 at the thrift store. I added the lace-up v-neck detail and I distressed it to give it a more grunge look. You can see how I transformed it in my video here.

DIY Lace Up Hoodie

I styled this hoodie with plain black biker shorts and my Vans Sk8-Hi‘s because I just felt like it called for something extremely laid back. Although this outfit is so casual and simple, I think it’s still a really cool look. Definitely makes me feel like I should learn to skate, ha! Many people probably don’t know that I’m such a tomboy at heart, so I feel really comfortable in this!


The Corset

The next DIY is a little bit…weird. I’ll be honest. I didn’t even really like this trend when I first saw it on Kim Kardashian. But as with most things the Kardashian/Jenner clan wears, it grew on me! I’ve been seeing celebs wearing baggy t-shirts with tight corsets on top. I wanted to try and put my own twist on it, so this DIY shirt has a lace-up detail built right in! This DIY is super easy and only has 2 steps, watch it here.


With the right hair and makeup, and the right attitude, I actually think this look is pretty dope! It’s not an everyday look but it would be awesome for a night out to a concert! I paired it with these faux suede thigh-high boots from LolaShoetique. With the shirt/dress being so short, I think thigh-highs help to balance it out. But you could totally wear leggings or tights too!


The Jeans

And the last DIY project I did were these lace-up jeans! I’ve had this idea for a long time and finally got to put my DIY skills to the test. I always thought it would be way too difficult to make myself, but it turned out pretty good for my first try! I used silver grommets and black satin ribbon. You can watch the tutorial here.


For this first look with the jeans, I wore my faux leather biker jacket and these burgundy heels just to add some subtle color amongst all this black. These are older pieces from my wardrobe so they’re both sold out by now but I have included similar items so you can Shop The Look at the bottom of this post!


For this second look, I ditched the jacket to reveal a black bustier, and I paired it with matching black strappy heels. I’m keeping everything pretty simple so that the focus can be on the jeans! I also realized that you could lace these jeans differently for a new look. I have them laced to create “V” shapes, but you can criss cross them to create “X”s or even make horizontal lines (the same way you would lace sneakers different ways).

Overall I’m really pleased with all 3 DIY projects and I can’t wait to do more thrift store revamps soon!



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