Organize with Me! Kids’ Bathroom Ideas

Organize with Me! Kids’ Bathroom Ideas

I love organizing, and I really wanted to tackle Ziya’s bathroom and linen closet. I already styled it [J1] with some decorative items, but I really needed to restock and organize Ziya’s bathroom storage area to make it look cute.

Keep reading to find out what Ziya and I did to declutter and makeover her space – while keeping it kid friendly.

As always, when organizing any room, we always follow a few quick and easy steps:

1. Clean: Empty any storage bins/shelves and wipe down area with disinfecting spray or wipes.

2. Sort: Separate any expired, old, or unused items from things that you need. Donate or throw away any unused products.

3. Plan: Figure out which storage bins or baskets will be used and where you think they look best.

4. Shop: Buy any products, supplies, and storage containers that are missing or that you need to have on hand.

5. Label & Organize: Finish by labeling your bins and putting everything into place.

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When I started on Ziya’s linen closet I noticed that we had a LOT of unnecessary items and that the storage baskets were unorganized. The storage bins were also blue – which didn’t match Ziya’s pink color scheme that we made for her bedroom and bathroom. Here’s what we started off with:

·  Bin for brushes & combs

·  Nail polish and nail clippers

·  Fun bath items like fizzy bath colors and bath paints

·  A TON of hair accessories, including clips, bows, bobby pins, rubber bans (there were so many that they really just needed to be organized and separated)

·  Curly hair products (to see our weekly curly-hair styling routine, click here)

·  A box of completely random stuff (old baby lotion, diaper cream, a random glade plugin, baby gas drops, a pacifier clip, and a bunch of things that were bought before Ziya was even born)

·  Ziya’s air respirator and potty seat

·  Shower caddy and spare bath rug (both were items that were in good condition, but we don’t really need at this point)

·  Gro-to toddler bath products and toiletry bag (these were actually super cute – every product had a smiley face on it, including the bag. We decided to keep these and use it as a little travel toiletry case for Ziya)

I definitely needed to get rid of all old baby items and things that are really old. I also donated some of the unused items including the shower caddy for toys, potty seat, and Ziya’s spare bath rug.

When we finished sorting everything, I made a few stops to buy some extra supplies. Color coordinating is a must for me, so the first thing I bought were these pink baskets, some pink bath towels, and a spare set of pink bedsheets from Target– I wanted the closet to match Ziya’s color scheme completely.

I bought some organizers from The Container Store, including a large woven wicker basket, 2 smaller handwoven baskets, and a clear stackable organizer

I also needed to buy a few of my go-to cleaning supplies to keep on hand so that she has her own set for her bathroom. I have plenty downstairs, but it is so much easier having some on hand if I need it.  I stocked up on Mrs. Meyer’s Bluebell scented multi surface cleaner and spray cleaner, Windex, Clorox wipes, a pack of toilet paper, and a few tissue boxes.

We also stocked up on some essential products, like sunscreen (Coppertone kids tear free spf 50), mosquito spray, Band-Aids, Neosporin, and other first aid items. I have all of these items downstairs, but it’s definitely a time saver and more convenient to have some up in her bathroom. I also like having at least 1 extra bottle of things that we use all the time on hand, like toothpaste, bubble bath, lotion and hair products.

We can’t label anything without using my mom’s Cricut machine! My mom helped me make labels with gold metallic vinyl, with a fun and kid friendly font. Just like we did when organizing my pantry, we used these basket label clips that click on to any storage basket.

The End Result:

Top shelf:

·  Cleaning supplies (for safety reasons, I wanted to make sure it was completely out of the way)

·  Ziya’s respirator

Second shelf:

·  Stackable organizer – Band-Aids, ointments, toothpaste, creams (things that you need to easily grab is on top)

·  Medication items

·  Bath Fun – bath bombs, bath paint,

·  Nail polish (definitely don’t want her reaching any of those!)

Third Shelf:

·  3-drawer plastic bin from target; separated and organized her rubber bands

·  large pink basket for hair-care products,

·  smaller basket for brushes and combs

Fourth Shelf:

·   Bath and body items (sunscreen, bug spray, oils, lotions, bubble bath)

·   Stock of toilet paper

·   Extra tissue boxes

Bottom Shelf:

·   Humidifier

·   Extra bed sheets

·   Ziya’s little toiletry bag

The large wicker basket fit perfectly under the shelves, so I decided to use it for dirty towels. I put the pink washcloths and towels into the two smaller wicker baskets and put them in her bathroom sink storage area so that it’s easy to reach when I am getting her ready in the morning or giving her a bath.

Ziya loved her closet! We had a lot of fun organizing it together. The set up made things like cleaning supplies and first aid items easily accessible and kid friendly – no little hands getting into dangerous or messy items! For more home décor and organization ideas, click here. Thanks for reading!

How to Organize Your Refrigerator in Just a Few Easy Steps

How to Organize Your Refrigerator in Just a Few Easy Steps

This past Mother’s Day, I helped my mom completely reorganize and revamp her refrigerator. My mom loves to cook, so it was important to her to have an organized yet aesthetic kitchen (We also recently tackled her pantry – check it out here)

If you’re like my mom, you probably have a plan on how you’d like your fridge to look. If not, don’t worry – these organizational hacks can help you keep your fridge Pinterest-worthy yet functional.

 Step 1: Deep Clean

·  Take out EVERYTHING. Before getting started, you’ll want to empty all the shelves, drawers, and doors. Keep similar items together so that it is easier to organize and put back in.

·  Clean removable parts. Soaking drawers and shelves in soapy water will make it easier to clean any hard to remove dirt and spots.

·  Wipe down the inside. Use sanitizing wipes or spray to clean the inside of the fridge before putting the bins back.

Step 2: Label Your Containers

Labeling brings an attractive and elegant look to any organizing task. You’ll need a cricut machine to make the labels (my mom loves the new Cricut Joy), vinyl paper, and a pretty font. For my mom’s refrigerator, we used “Ball Pen” font which can be found here, and Light Teal Vinyl by The Paper Studio, which we found at Michael’s.

 Step 3: Design

Before putting anything back in, you’ll want to see how your containers fit in the fridge in case the shelves need to be rearranged. Once you’re happy with how it looks, you can start filling up your containers.

 Step 4: Put Everything Back In!

Last is the fun part – arranging your containers and organizing your fridge. Here are some tips to get the most out of your space:

Large Food Items

We used these stackable refrigerator bins for bread and cheese, and slightly smaller bins with lids for yogurt and dairy. They are clear, so you can see everything that’s inside.

Bottled items like drinks and milk should be kept towards the back.

Fruit and Veggies

We used these narrow fridge bins  to organize the fruit and veggie drawers, and used these stackable berry baskets from Bed, Bath & Beyond.


Any leftover meals or open food packages can be put into smaller containers. These glass containers from Ikea are stackable, matching, and ecofriendly, and are also great for meal prep.

(TIP from Chef Toni: Cut up whole veggies when cooking and store leftovers in jars like these instead of storing half a veggie in the fridge– it looks cute and makes it easier for next time.)


My mom and I transferred all of her bottled condiments into these adorable glass bottles.  Smaller amounts of condiments, like salsa or dips, can be stored in these mason jars. They are compact and can help you save a TON of space.

Watch the entire process!

So, there you have it – these tips should help you create a pretty, aesthetic, and organized refrigerator. If you’re looking for more home organization tips, click here.  More videos to come, so stay tuned!

Clean the ENTIRE HOUSE with Us! | Realistic Clean With Me | Cleaning Motivation

Clean the ENTIRE HOUSE with Us! | Realistic Clean With Me | Cleaning Motivation

Me and my four year old, Ziya, are cleaning our entire house! Since I’m a busy work-at-home single mom, I usually have a housekeeper help keep my home clean. Unfortunately, she has been unable to come while we are all quarantined, so we got busy picking up, cleaning, and organizing stuff that just ended up being all over the house. I’m not a cleaning pro, so this is basically the most realistic clean with me video! Also, maybe this will give you some some tidying up and cleaning motivation. How many of you guys struggle with a messy house mainly because you have a kid (and a pet)? Should I do more “clean with me” videos?

Watch the entire video!

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