Organize with Me! Kids’ Bathroom Ideas

Organize with Me! Kids’ Bathroom Ideas

I love organizing, and I really wanted to tackle Ziya’s bathroom and linen closet. I already styled it [J1] with some decorative items, but I really needed to restock and organize Ziya’s bathroom storage area to make it look cute.

Keep reading to find out what Ziya and I did to declutter and makeover her space – while keeping it kid friendly.

As always, when organizing any room, we always follow a few quick and easy steps:

1. Clean: Empty any storage bins/shelves and wipe down area with disinfecting spray or wipes.

2. Sort: Separate any expired, old, or unused items from things that you need. Donate or throw away any unused products.

3. Plan: Figure out which storage bins or baskets will be used and where you think they look best.

4. Shop: Buy any products, supplies, and storage containers that are missing or that you need to have on hand.

5. Label & Organize: Finish by labeling your bins and putting everything into place.

Watch the entire video!

When I started on Ziya’s linen closet I noticed that we had a LOT of unnecessary items and that the storage baskets were unorganized. The storage bins were also blue – which didn’t match Ziya’s pink color scheme that we made for her bedroom and bathroom. Here’s what we started off with:

·  Bin for brushes & combs

·  Nail polish and nail clippers

·  Fun bath items like fizzy bath colors and bath paints

·  A TON of hair accessories, including clips, bows, bobby pins, rubber bans (there were so many that they really just needed to be organized and separated)

·  Curly hair products (to see our weekly curly-hair styling routine, click here)

·  A box of completely random stuff (old baby lotion, diaper cream, a random glade plugin, baby gas drops, a pacifier clip, and a bunch of things that were bought before Ziya was even born)

·  Ziya’s air respirator and potty seat

·  Shower caddy and spare bath rug (both were items that were in good condition, but we don’t really need at this point)

·  Gro-to toddler bath products and toiletry bag (these were actually super cute – every product had a smiley face on it, including the bag. We decided to keep these and use it as a little travel toiletry case for Ziya)

I definitely needed to get rid of all old baby items and things that are really old. I also donated some of the unused items including the shower caddy for toys, potty seat, and Ziya’s spare bath rug.

When we finished sorting everything, I made a few stops to buy some extra supplies. Color coordinating is a must for me, so the first thing I bought were these pink baskets, some pink bath towels, and a spare set of pink bedsheets from Target– I wanted the closet to match Ziya’s color scheme completely.

I bought some organizers from The Container Store, including a large woven wicker basket, 2 smaller handwoven baskets, and a clear stackable organizer

I also needed to buy a few of my go-to cleaning supplies to keep on hand so that she has her own set for her bathroom. I have plenty downstairs, but it is so much easier having some on hand if I need it.  I stocked up on Mrs. Meyer’s Bluebell scented multi surface cleaner and spray cleaner, Windex, Clorox wipes, a pack of toilet paper, and a few tissue boxes.

We also stocked up on some essential products, like sunscreen (Coppertone kids tear free spf 50), mosquito spray, Band-Aids, Neosporin, and other first aid items. I have all of these items downstairs, but it’s definitely a time saver and more convenient to have some up in her bathroom. I also like having at least 1 extra bottle of things that we use all the time on hand, like toothpaste, bubble bath, lotion and hair products.

We can’t label anything without using my mom’s Cricut machine! My mom helped me make labels with gold metallic vinyl, with a fun and kid friendly font. Just like we did when organizing my pantry, we used these basket label clips that click on to any storage basket.

The End Result:

Top shelf:

·  Cleaning supplies (for safety reasons, I wanted to make sure it was completely out of the way)

·  Ziya’s respirator

Second shelf:

·  Stackable organizer – Band-Aids, ointments, toothpaste, creams (things that you need to easily grab is on top)

·  Medication items

·  Bath Fun – bath bombs, bath paint,

·  Nail polish (definitely don’t want her reaching any of those!)

Third Shelf:

·  3-drawer plastic bin from target; separated and organized her rubber bands

·  large pink basket for hair-care products,

·  smaller basket for brushes and combs

Fourth Shelf:

·   Bath and body items (sunscreen, bug spray, oils, lotions, bubble bath)

·   Stock of toilet paper

·   Extra tissue boxes

Bottom Shelf:

·   Humidifier

·   Extra bed sheets

·   Ziya’s little toiletry bag

The large wicker basket fit perfectly under the shelves, so I decided to use it for dirty towels. I put the pink washcloths and towels into the two smaller wicker baskets and put them in her bathroom sink storage area so that it’s easy to reach when I am getting her ready in the morning or giving her a bath.

Ziya loved her closet! We had a lot of fun organizing it together. The set up made things like cleaning supplies and first aid items easily accessible and kid friendly – no little hands getting into dangerous or messy items! For more home décor and organization ideas, click here. Thanks for reading!

Weekly Wash and Style Routine for Curly Toddler Hair

Weekly Wash and Style Routine for Curly Toddler Hair

Washing and styling curly hair can be a long process since curly hair is very prone to tangles and matting – but this doesn’t mean my four-year-old daughter’s weekly wash has to be difficult. We do our wash and style routine every Sunday night to get it clean, styled and looking cute.  

Keep reading for some tips on getting curly hair that lasts all week long – a time saving must for busy moms!

Hair Tools:

I tend to try out many different hair products, and don’t really have any specific preferences. But – I found that the best hair products for curly hair are:

  • VERY moisturizing
  • Paraben free
  • Sulfate free
  • Made with natural ingredients

Step One: Detangle

I start by taking her hair down from the previous hairstyle it was in. I use this ponytail elastic cutter that I bought from Amazon to cut out any disposable rubber bands. I try to be as gentle as possible, and the cutter makes taking down her hair so much easier. 

As I take down her hair, I always use my fingers to try and remove any big knots as I go. Her hair has been getting a lot longer and thicker, so it takes longer to take it all down. Something that has been helping a lot recently is a prewash detangling treatment like this one from Just for Me. I put it in before washing to make it easier to finger comb through her hair and take out most of the knots.

Watch the entire video!

Step Two: Shampoo

I always wash Ziya’s hair in my shower, which is so much easier on my back since I don’t have to bend down to lean over the tub. Before putting in any shampoo, I make sure to wet her hair down completely and separate it a bit with my fingers to make sure I didn’t miss any sections. 

Lately I’ve been using Just for Me Detangling shampoo which actually conditions the hair and scalp, detangles coils kinks and curls, and replenishes moisture. When starting on the shampoo I make sure to start at the top, shampoo her scalp really well, and work my way down. Always work in an up and down motion to make sure not to create more knots. Rinse out the shampoo really really well, since shampoo tends to dry out curly hair.

Step Three: Conditioner 

I use a TON of this conditioner on Ziya’s hair and tend to go through conditioner more than I go through shampoo. When detangling curly hair, the more conditioner you use the better. Once again, I always put conditioner on her hair in an up and down motion – I never scrunch or bunch up her hair and do my best not cause any more knots, making the detangling process as easy as possible.

I use a wide tooth comb and a special detangling brush that is meant for textured hair while the conditioner is still in, starting at the ends and working my way up. I usually switch back and forth between different sizes of combs and brushes to make sure all the knots are out completely.

I always like to add another deep moisturizing conditioner or hair mask at this point to really amp up the moisture. Lately I’ve been using Carol’s Daughter deep moisture hair mask, focusing on her ends. I leave that in for a few mins, brush through her hair again, and rinse it off. 

Step Four: Style

We do our weekly routine right before bedtime. When it’s time to style her hair, I usually have her sit in her jammies so that she’s ready for bed by the time we’re done. I let her choose a movie or show to watch to keep her entertained and comfortable while I sit behind her and style her hair.

I start with using a regular spray bottle filled with water to make her hair damp; it makes curly hair much easier to work with. Add some leave in conditioner and brush through again to make sure her hair is fully detangled. I love adding a serum or oil (like this one) no matter what hairstyle I decide to do since it’ll keep her hair healthy and moisturized for longer throughout the week. 

When styling Ziya’s hair, I always try to do at least 2 braids so that it won’t be as frizzy, tangled, and matted by the next week. I use this braiding & twisting grip glaze before starting which helps it last longer throughout the week. I also put gel on edge brush to smooth down any baby hairs and polish off the hairstyle. You can touch up throughout the rest of the week by spritzing it down with water or adding a bit more product to make it last until next Sunday. 

This weekly routine is the easiest way I’ve found to detangle, wash, and style her hair. If you’re looking for some styling ideas and tips for curly hair, you can find them here. More videos coming soon!

Kid’s Playroom Décor: DIY Magnetic Chalkboard

Kid’s Playroom Décor: DIY Magnetic Chalkboard

I’m always looking for DIY ideas on Pinterest to include in my home décor. I happened to find an amazing DIY magnetic chalkboard and thought we’d fill an empty space on Ziya’s playroom wall. I thought that it is a fun way to inspire creativity and be really useful for homeschooling – especially during the pandemic. 

One way to create a chalkboard is to simply paint the wall with chalkboard paint, but where’s the fun in that? If you want a more stylized magnetic chalkboard, keep reading to learn how you can do it yourself.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 sheet of galvanized metal 
  • 4 pieces of moulding 
  • 1 can chalkboard paint 
  • 1 can trim paint 
  • 2-inch roofing nails 
  • Drill
  • Trim/finishing nails 
  • Sandpaper 
  • Level 
  • Stud-finder 
  • Chalk
  • Curtain rod
  • Paper roll

Most of the supplies can be purchased at your local Home Depot, but the galvanized metal sheet had to be preordered and custom made. Even though it was harder to get, it was super important to me since I really wanted Ziya to have a magnetic chalkboard wall.

Watch the video to see the entire process!

Step 1: Clear off the wall 

Make sure you have a clean wall space with nothing in the way. I decided to create a 5×6 ft magnetic chalkboard and used painters’ tape to get a rough estimate of where I wanted it to go. Since Ziya is only 4 years old, I centered it on the wall but placed it low enough that she can reach the majority of the chalkboard.

Step 2: Paint the metal sheet

Use the chalkboard paint to paint directly on the galvanized metal. You’ll want to use at least 3-4 coats of paint; it took about 4 coats of paint for mine to finally look consistent and opaque.

Be sure to let the paint completely dry for about 24 hours in between coats so that you can have a nice and even coating. 

Step 3: Prep and paint the framing

I purchased my framing from Home Depot, and they were able to cut the pieces in the sizes I needed. But, I needed the corners of the mouldings cut at an angle so that they would fit together when framing the chalkboard, which they weren’t able to do. I had to ask my handyman to miter the corners for me.

The moulding that I purchased was already white, but I wanted to give it a fresh coat of paint since it looked a bit old and dingy.

Step 4: Prep for mounting

To prep the wall for mounting the frame you’ll need to measure where you want it to go. Use the level to make sure it is straight and draw out the frame with pencil.

If you’re using a galvanized metal sheet, use a stud finder to locate the studs and mark them off. It is super important to attach the chalkboard to the studs, and not the drywall – since the metal is surprisingly very heavy. 

Mark where the studs are on the metal sheet and pre-drill holes into the metal so that it will be easier to nail it into the wall. 

Step 5: Season the chalkboard

After it has been painted, let the chalkboard cure for at least 3 days. Then, to season the chalkboard, rub a piece of chalk sideways over the entire surface and erase it afterwards. This will make sure that it will erase properly when you write on it. 

Step 6:  Mount the board on the wall

Use the 2-inch roofing nails to mount the chalkboard into the studs. We put a few across the top and a few across the bottom to make sure it was really sturdy.

(TIP: After mounting the chalkboard and seeing it on the wall, it didn’t seem as seasoned as I would’ve liked. So, we actually quickly seasoned it again by rubbing a piece of chalk over the entire board and erasing it afterwards.)

Step 7: Add the frame

To add the frame, use the small finishing nails to nail directly through the framing. Use the level to be sure that the frame is placed on properly and looks straight. 

Step 8: Caulk holes and seams

The small nails used to install the frame were quick to install, but it was easy to see the nail heads through the framing. Use a small tool to push the nails all the way through so that they are flush with the frame.

Fill in the holes from the nails and any cracks on the corners of the framing with fast-drying caulk, and wipe of any excess as you go along. Let the caulk dry for about an hour.

Step 9: Sand and repaint frame

When the caulk is dry, use sandpaper to sand it down as much as possible so that it is smooth and seamless. Use the leftover trim paint to touch up and cover any holes or cracks that were filled. 

Step 9: Add your accessories

I purchased a curtain rod from Walmart and paper from Amazon so that Ziya can have a mini pull-down paper roll to use for coloring with crayons and markers. You’ll want to pre-drill holes for the curtain rod, since you won’t be able to do so once the chalkboard is installed on the wall. You can install the hardware that came with the curtain rod directly into the pre-drilled holes. 

I also wanted Ziya to have a place to hold her chalk and eraser, so I purchased a small basket that happened to have a chalkboard front and mounted it to the wall.  I also added some of Ziya’s magnetic numbers and letters directly onto the board.

This DIY magnetic chalkboard was a great addition to Ziya’s playroom. It is super functional, educational, and really fun – and is a great way to keep kids busy. It added a lot of function and style to her space and I can’t wait to finish decorating and accessorizing the rest of her playroom. Even though it took a long time to make, Ziya loved her chalkboard and was so excited by the time it was done.

For some more DIY tutorials including artwork, kids’ activities, and home decor click here. More home and playroom décor videos will be posted here soon, so stay tuned! 

Having a Birthday Party During Quarantine?! | MOM VLOG

Having a Birthday Party During Quarantine?! | MOM VLOG

Welp. We’re still in quarantine/lockdown mode and it’s Ziya’s birthday. We’re gonna have to pull something together and just do the best we can to make sure she has a nice birthday party! I’m making a cake, getting gifts ready and planning to decorate and hopefully surprise her!

Watch the entire video!

Ziya’s 4th Birthday Party (in Lockdown!) | MOM VLOG

Ziya’s 4th Birthday Party (in Lockdown!) | MOM VLOG

We surprised Ziya with a princess & butterfly themed birthday party at home during quarantine/lockdown! We had family join in via Zoom to sing happy birthday and watch her open her presents. I think everything turned out pretty cute despite the circumstances!

Watch the entire video!

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